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Lash Extensions 

Wake Up Amazed By The Instant Transformation
  • Semi-Permanent eyelashes that last indefinitely with re-lashes every 2 to 4 weeks

  • Weightless, with a natural look and feel

  • Painless, Relaxing procedure that only takes 90 minutes to 120 minutes

  • Water-resistant so you can swim or shower worry-free

  • Lengthens and thickens without the need for mascara

Body Contouring

Get  your  curves  in  all  the  right  places!!!

Vacuum Therapy -  Vacuum therapy breaks down cellulite and fat deposits. Removes toxins and aids in lymphatic Drainage. It also helps restore skin elasticity, improves blood circulation, contours, firms and lifts the body. Can be preformed as a lymphatic massage throughout the body, also on buttocks and breast for enhancement and lift.

Click here for more details and progress photos.

Radio Frequency - Heated energy waves promote collagen production while tightening and lifting the skin. Helps reduce appearance of stretch marks. Can be serviced on face, neck all over body.

Click here for more details and progress photos

Lipo Cavitation - Cavitation uses ultrasonic waves to disrupt and permanently destroy fat cells. The results are instant although milk but will improve significantly with multiple sessions.

Click here for more details and progress photos.

So book your appointment today and get yourself some sexy curves that you'll be happy to wake up with!


Threading is an ancient Eastern Method of removing hair that uses no wax, chemicals or invasive techniques . Benefits of threading include the ability to remove very short hairs, it is acne-safe, causes minimal redness and is great for sensitive skin.

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination

With Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift, you'll have luscious lifted lashes that will last and last in just minutes.

Ditch the DIY lash curler and messy mascara, because with one 20 minute professional lash treatment your lashes can be beautifully lifted, even after a shower or swimming for up to 6, 8 and in some cases even 12 weeks!

And, while you're getting on the glam, liven up your new look with lash and brow tint from Belmacil's exciting colour range. With more way to banish the boring then ever before, Belmacil has eleven luxurious colours to choose from, Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Honey Brown, Graphite, Blue, Violet, Blonde Brow lightening creme and now RED and Green!

Brow Lamination -  Think you don't have full brows? Guess again! What a difference relaxing those curled brow hair can allow a fuller look with a swipe of a brush. This service will change your brow  game. 

Book your appointment today.

  • What is lash extensions?
    Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions are composed of single (classic) or multiple (Volume) strands of synthetic eyelashes that are weightless and curved to replicate a natural lash. Lash extensions are applied directly to the individual natural eyelashes, one at a time.
  • Are eyelash extensions safe?
    Are eyelash extensions safe? Products, application, and adhesives are developed to the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. I have sucessfully completed rigorous, comprehensive, hands on training. During this pain-free procedure, you will lay down comfortably with your eyes closed throughout the application proccess, many clients describes as their "beauty nap".
  • How long does the service take?
    A full set takes approximately 1.5hrs-2hrs (classic 80-150 lashes per eye) 2.5hrs-3hrs (Volume 240-450 extensions applied per eye)
  • How do I prepare for my appointment?
    Do NOT wear any mascara. Remove contact lenses and thoroughly clean your lashes with a water based cleanser. Eyelids and lashes must be completley clean and dry.
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